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All of our service technicians are National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified.

Many of us grew up in a community where every weekend you could see fathers working on the family car or brothers under the hood of their ‘hot rod’. Times have changed and the modern automobiles and trucks we drive today are not only more comfortable, but also far more complex.

The most complex electronics in your cousin’s 1965 Mustang was the radio. Today our cars have somewhere between 35 and 400 tiny little computers doing everything from remembering our favorite radio stations to measuring exactly the right pressure to apply to the brakes to avoid a skid. Today it takes years of training, skill and experience to isolate the problems and make the proper repairs to keep our vehicles running smoothly and safely.

ASE has been certifying automotive technicians since the 70's. The ASE shoulder patch certifies that the person working on your car has passed a rigorous written exam covering all aspects of automotive repair.

But learning and knowledge only starts with books and written exams. ASE certification plus years of practical experience are what assure you that our technicians can not only take your car apart, but put it back together again – correctly! At Tempe Imports you can be confident our service technicians won't be spending days trying to understand your problem or charging you for learning how to fix it.