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Preventive Maintenance


What is Preventive Maintenance?    

Your car's manufacturer has established a program of scheduled services designed to catch problems before they occur. You can generally find this schedule in the back of your owner's manual. The list specifies the service such as oil change, flush the transmission, check accessory belts, etc. and then suggests when to have it done, generally every so many miles or so many months.

At Tempe Imports we will enter your car into our computer allowing us to remind you when these services are due. Because of our years of experience with the effects of Arizona's harsh desert climate on cars, we may recommend that some of them such as checking the engine belts or testing the battery be performed more frequently than the manufacturer suggests.

When we perform those services, we will give you a 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty on our work backed by NAPA and honored at any NAPA service center across the country. This means that whether it is next month in Mesa or next summer in Boston, you can take your car to any NAPA facility for no-hassle warranty service.

Why bother with Preventive Maintenance?

Just consider: You are late for your dog's vet appointment.... In 20 minutes, your 9 year old daughter goes on stage in front of 100 strangers for her first piano recital.... It's raining.... You are having a 'bad hair day'.... Your mother-in-law's plane is landing right now bringing her to town for her first visit after your wedding....

Don't want stuck alongside the road at the worst possible moment? Trust our Preventive Maintenance program to keep your car running smooth so you can avoid some of life's trials and tribulations or at least unnecessary annoyance and inconveniences where your car is concerned.